Our Acrylic Blocks are an exciting and unique product that is new to the Australian market. An Acrylic Bloc is a photograph set in a stylish, modern acrylic tile with high visual impact. The depth of the acrylic bloc gives the image a luminescent, floating, three-dimensional effects, and the blocs are freestanding, and so no hanging is required. Acrylic Blocs can be placed inside or outside under a covered area, and come in four sizes. (12x12") (8x12") (6x4") & (4x4") These Acrylic Blocs are Ideal for a rental property, for gifts, for your desk at work and for interior design purposes. They're compact and portable, which makes them perfect for travelling and also as a gift for someone overseas.



A new alternative to the stretched art canvas, our new canvas bloc range comes complete in a 40mm box frame with an enclosed back panel and no staples. Each frame comes ready to hang and the canvas will never crack or need re-stretching. Using the best professional printing, archival protection, packaging and presentation, we guarantee you will enjoy your images for a lifetime. Canvas blocs are available in a choice of three wood frames; black, white or walnut. 


Gallery Albums

Our extensive range of Gallery Albums offers sophistication without the expensive price tag. It has become the preferred choice for portrait albums, parent albums and guest books because of the large variety of cover options including frosted Perspex and personalised silk or canvas image covers. Albums come in two sizes, a 9”x9” and 12”x12” and can each hold 10 or 20 images. All albums come packaged in a black presentation box.

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